All Blue Celery products are manufactured entirely in Canada. We use only fabrics and materials that meet CPSIA, Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and EU Reach Standards.

Safety and quality are as important to us as they are to you that is why we manufacturer all our products in Canada with only Canadian made fabrics. This ensures the products are safe for baby and high quality. Our slings meet and exceed the strictest North American and European Standards. Yes this means its cost more, but we wont compromise your baby's safety!

The Original Blue CeleryTM baby sling/wrap was created in 2004 by an Ottawa couple with the birth of her daughter. The Blue CeleryTM baby sling/wrap allowed them to be the nurturing, empathetic parents they wanted to be to their high needs baby girl. Their daughter needed to be snuggled day and night to remain happy and the Blue CeleryTM design made this possible without the complicated tying required of some slings/wraps.

Everywhere they went, moms would ask them about the sling/wrap, comment on how easy it was to use, and ask where they could get one too. They went on to create the Blue CeleryTM company and producing the sling/wrap for sale.

In 2010, the company had been sold to a stay at home mom, Katrina and her husband who served in the military. She had been looking at a way to go back to work or run a home based business while still looking after their 2 young children.

Katrina was the owner of a Blue CeleryTM sling/wrap before buying the company. She and her husband have both used other wraps and slings but agreed that the Blue CeleryTM sling/wrap is the easiest to put on and use while still offering the benifits of feeling that the baby is secure while wearing them.