what is the blue celeryTM delish lunch bag?

The blue celeryTM delish lunch bag is a fabulous new, re-useable, cotton canvas lunch bag perfect for lunches, snacks, kids stuff, your stuff!

  • natural cotton canvas won't pick up odours like synthetic bags
  • fits full-size lunch, snacks & water bottle
  • kid-friendly velcro closure
  • machine wash & dry with bag closed or hand wash then drip dry over night so its ready for the next day!
  • made in Canada, and all inputs are sourced from North America
blue celery crown delish lunch bag
blue celery monkey delish lunch bagblue celery dino delish lunch bagblue celery owl delish lunch bag

These fun prints are perfect
for your daughter, son,
or yourself!

Not just for lunches, use them to store & transport kids toys, crayons & markers, school art, extra clothes, or diapers & wipes!