1) How to size yourself for a Blue Celery Sling?

First consider you frame size, then your height and then your weight. If you check 2 out of the 3 points under a specific size then that is the size you should wear.

ie) If you are a small frame, 5' 4" and 150lbs you would wear a small.

What if you have a check under three different sizes? Choose the one in the middle.

Important to note that if you are very busty (F or bigger) you should go up one size.

2) How does the Blue Celery Sling deal with sagging which occurs with a traditional tied wrap?

It is not the stretch of the fabric which is to blame for sagging that occurs as the child gets heavier. What happens is that the fabric which is tied around the waist starts to work its way around until the infant is sagging.

Because the Blue Celery sling does not have the extra tied fabric it does not work its way around eliminating the main cause of the sagging. You only have the stretch in the fabric. You use the sash to help support the child as they get heavier.

3) Where is the product manufactured and where is the fabric from?

The Blue Celery Sling is Canadian. Both the manufacturing and the fabric are sourced in Canada.

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